mmm, nutella...
2k2 July 22 - 7:26 PM HST
Dinner: 1/3 pint of Cherry Chip ba da Bing ice cream and possibly a hot dog or two. Oooh, banana and a bit of nutella! Oh yeah, that'll be dessert.

Independence certainly has its good points. This 'dinner' of mine would never fly at my mom's. She'd be up in arms about not eating a vegetable or something. oh well, I had a few fruit servings!

Things are looking brighter for our trip to California. Feda got the flight details squared away with the travel agency we decided on this morning. *whew* That's one less thing we've got to contend with. Sad thing though, there goes my paycheck. *fly, fly away money* Now, it's just a matter of finding a decent hotel and we are pretty much set.

Suggestions for daytrips around LA, anyone?