shiny floral travel agents
2k2 July 22 - 12:15 AM HST
What in the hell am I doing up past midnight for the third night in a row?!? Did I not learn my lesson this morning when I hit the snooze on my trusy cellphone -- new hi-tech clock! -- for the fourth time? When will I finally realise that I am one of those few humans who actually need 8 hours of sleep every night? cheeze.

Feda and I watched the remake of Stephen King's The Shining on ABC tonight, part one of three. That weirdo kid from GO is in it, including ex-Wings-er Steven Weber and Rebecca DeMornay. Incidentally, I found DeMornay's performance slightly underpar compared to her psycho-bitch-nanny role in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle. The preview clips of tomorrow night's part two proved too scary for us chickens so we will likely be viewing a 'less intense' movie -- perhaps The Silence of the Lambs?

Off-topic rant
This is part of an email I received recently:
"...Welcome to the 'Dark Collection' world. You'll find here over 2.7 Gb of EXCLUSIVE photos of young nymphets. It means no boaring evenings and nights, it is guarantee of Your pleasure. ****is regularly updated to bring you more and more sweet nymphets 100% satisfaction guarantee, with unique content of shiny floral girls....In members zone the on-line conference is opened for personal contacts of people who interesting in this topic. We try to do our best and all it for you!"

bwahahahaha! What is a "shiny floral girl" and though they "all it for you," exactly what all is it they really do?

I must thank the sender "dr. MARK" for making me laugh my ass of tonight. That email confirmed that my public education wasn't that bad. It certainly made me forget how hopeless some travel agents can be, temporarily anyway...