back to school?
2k3 May 19 - 9:22 PM HST
On the drive home from work tonight I was ranting, as usual, and I briefly toyed with the idea of returning to school. It's a doable thing but am I ready to jump back into academia? Hmmm... The idea of having thoughtful, intelligent, creative conversation everyday and actually using my brain to analyze more than discount percentages is very enticing yet I am worried that the financial tolls will be too difficult. The rent and bills will be taken care of if I could cut my work schedule down to 20 hours/week but that would leave me without medical insurance. So, I could work the additional 8 hours to get the insurance but how much would that cut into my available class/study time?

Damn. Money seemed like such a wonderful trade-off back then...

Re: The Matrix: Reloaded. I enjoyed viewing this film in its entirety. Keanu in his entirety. I must confess, however, that I found that Zion temple scene a little too rave-like. All those sweaty, gauze-clad dancers needed were a few glow sticks, some black lighting and perhaps a derb or two. They looked like they were partying down in Pahoa! But yes, I enjoyed Keanu in his entirety and that is all that matters to me.