You were not hired for your brains, you hippopotamic LAND MASS!
2k3 May 24 - 10:02 PM HST
Drat. Day two of this three-day weekend is almost upon us here and I am unable to enjoy it with Feda because I have to work. I have coworkers who are enjoying themselves down at beachside homes in Kapoho and preparing for day-long BBQs and picnics at Moku Ola yet I have to prepare for another day at the mall! Drat - confound these administrators from hell!

I was so beside myself with boredom an hour ago that I went as far as tweezing my eyebrows and trimming my bangs. Yes, we are the hotspot of Paradise Park partying tonight people! Woot woot! Damn, I nearly lost my contact lens with that last eye roll there...

Side note: the guy lounging on the sofa in the picture above is the lovely Orlando Bloom