slug trails
2k3 September 25 - 11:20 PM HST
Wow, Christmas is just three months away!

I must confess that I am looking forward to the Holidays again despite all the complaining I predict Feda will be forced to endure. Yes, Holidays are a wonderful season for non-retail employees. Even the UPS guy, Tim, is strangely unaffected by the added stresses.

Today was my 2nd day off and I was a complete slug. *applause* I managed to do some dishwashing and straightening up but that was the extent of my to-do list today.

I caught the "E! True Hollywood Story" of Kristy McNichol this afternoon and learned that she is alive and enjoying a fulfilling life out of the spotlight. Good for her.

In other news, I got my new phone on tuesday! After that horrible incident with Dustin last week Feda urged me to visit AT&T online for the phone. They had an additional online rebate that brought the T616 down to the same price that the T316 was being offered at the kiosk! I got the camera phone! I also got a better plan that saves me $10 a month. "Meesa vewy happy," says Feda.

To my surprise, the phone was delivered on tuesday, despite no email response for the purchase. Feda is more stoked than I am and is also a little peeved that I haven't mastered all it's intricacies yet. I did program a few numbers into the address book and yes, I did try out QBert and the camera. I'm a bit concerned that I'm going to lose the phone because it's so damned small.

Update @ midnight - the T616 is free today through AT&T! Feda begged for one so we placed an order with only a few minutes to midnight. He may or may not have a surprise delivered next week. Lucky bastard!