Dustin is a jerk
2k3 September 20 - 12:14 AM HST
Yes, what Feda wrote about our cell phone quest at AT&T Wireless is true, partly. We waited patiently for our turn as the two young salesmen were both busy with customers. After we were greeted by one of the guys I immediately told him "I want to buy that GSM phone" and pointed to the Sony Ericsson T306 through the showcase glass. He looked puzzed, asked us why we needed GSM and remained puzzled even after I told him that we were going to use it in France. His co-worker then mumbled something about that particular model NOT being European GSM capable and pointed to the more expensive model T68i. I told him that I had done some research on their website and they both remained befuddled and reiterated that I wouldn't be able to use it there. I then started to ask him a question but was interrupted by a young woman who works in the mall. She was passing by and asked him for someone's phone number. This jerk just walks away from us and starts to write down a note for her on his stupid freaking post-it note pad. No "I'll be right back" or "excuse me for a moment" or even a "hold on for a second." He just turned around and walked over to his friend on the other side of the kiosk. I was furious and walked away. His name is Dustin and I'm going to write to his supervisors about his lack of training.

So I didn't get a phone today.

But we did go to the Hawaii County Fair!