PB shakes & boybands
2k1 May 31 - 12:30 AM HST
Hot & humid - Hilo's back to normal...

My co-worker gave me a neat-O recipe for Peanut Butter shakes - vanilla ice cream, milk and peanut butter. Mmmm...probably about 50K Kcalories if I use EXTRA crunchy Skippy! All I need to make 'em is one of those Braun handblenderthingies...

Egads - MTV had a snippet documentary of the creation of a song "Pop" and I almost caught a nasty case of 'NSync fever last night. It's distantly related to that trypanosome disease commonly known as African sleeping sickness. Ah yes, this is caused by the virtual impregnation of werms in your middle ear after listening to that infamous (?) boyband (they can't be more than 20yrs old) croon about the women/wemen/wemyn they 'love' and the 23,000 ways they'll prove it to 'em. Heh.

Anyhoos, the video was directed by Wayne Isham - where the hell have I heard about him? - and was actually pretty neat-O, stylewise. After about 20 minutes of viewing, I heard myself tell Feda that I was interested in purchasing their latest CD. HORRORS!! This from woman who cursed NKOTB (if you know this acronym, then I know how old you are! =) at their career peak and viewed her friends with disdain when they declared utmost affection for "Jordan" and "Marky" -- oh wait, Marky's brother whatshisname. AI-YAH-YI-YAH!

Feda is possibly befuddled by my weirdness tonight. I keep getting goofier by the day - moreso when I've got a good supply of caffeine (via Safeway Select Cherry Cola) coursing through my arteries/veins. :) 'tis probably best that I expose my goofiness in gradual spurts - I don't know how much he'll be able to tolerate. Egads - he thought that _he_ was going to be the nutbrain in this relationship! heh!

I've come to a point where I've got to decide whether to drop my current ISP. The biggest con is that I'd have to change my email address and possibly cut my chances of receiving correspondence from long-lost chatroom buddies or even *gulp* big Hollywood moviestars like BARRY PEPPER! **lookee @ SNK for more info ** Dangit - I've got to bite this one in the rear (hey, I didn't make that one up) and find an ISP that will truly appreciate my business and respect my hard-earned $$! Hmmm...I wonder if is already taken...

Megosh - it's after midnight already. Crud - tomorrow is an early day. =[

[Interpac sucks - GTE has a lagging ass like a burro burdened by 100lbs of coal.]