2k1 June 9 - 10:44pm HST
Snow on Mauna Kea?!? Yeppers - it's June and yet there was a decent layer of white powder up at the summit when I awoke this morning. Perhaps you can still see the snow! Check out the UKIRT and JCMT cams and maybe you'll get lucky!

I wasn't so lucky today and had to pull an 11 hour shift at work since I'm so generous and (foolishly) volunteered. It wouldn't have been that horrible if we actually had customers to assist today. It seems the mall was filled with people just killing time before they went to see a movie. Crap - I think I wasted about a hundred smiles and cheery hellos when I could've been holed up in my comfortable bed with a good book. Somebody owes me bigtime - I think I'll request an extra weekend off when I take vacation. Yeah - make _them_ help rude and unappreciative people who don't even pay you the courtesy of listening to you when you're answering their questions! Dangit - I need recognition and appreciation! **note to self: rent "9 to 5" for an empowerment session**

Career change? Uh yeah, it seems about that time of the year for contemplation once again. All I'd need to do is go back to school! uh, oh.

I need a peanut butter & banana shake!

Feda is still on Oahu having a terrific adventure with some newfound friends. I snapped at him this morning when he called me at work to say hello. I didn't get the amount of sleep I wanted - hey, 8 hours doesn't cut it sometimes. Additionally, I had this sudden image of him standing out in the sunshine with a cool trade wind gently blowing through the palm trees whilst I stood in my store trying to reconcile inventory and count the cash drawer before opening time. Yeah, I think it was a justifiable reaction.

It's been difficult for me to be happy for him when I'm having a less than stellar time at work and he's galavanting off over there calling me only to tell me that he's shopping or when he's going to interesting places. Crap - I've never even had a vacation with him! *grumble grumble* *mutter mutter* Oh well, I guess I shall make amends at the appropriate time - but not without making my point clear even if it means repeating myself (a pet peeve)!!

Oh yay, I've got to work tomorrow as well. *sigh*

Responsibility is a bitch when you're lacking sleep.