2k1 June 10 - 10:01 p.m.
ugh-e...muggy...feels like a storm's gonna break tonight. egads - first snow and now rain!

Hah! Score one for the dazzling sales associate! Two older ladies were purchasing something from me this morning and they tried to pull one on me by speaking subversively in Japanese. They were wondering if I had the brains to mark one of the boxes with a discerning mark so they'd be able to identify the gifts. Little did they know that whilst I can't construct sentences with split second timing, I _did_ understand what they were discussing!

Hah! WAKARIMASU! WAKARIMASU! Nyah - nyah! *pbbbt*

I turned around after completing my brilliant gift wrapping and explained to them in proper English that yes, I did take the time to mark one of the gifts with an initial. Needless to say, they were surprised and even a little embarassed...

woohoo - Feda's coming home tomorrow! Where is that little stinker anyway? I miss the bejesus out of him - more than I thought I ever could! He's coming home in a few hours!

The Waikii Music Festival is going to be held this weekend. Chock full of great Hawaiian music, food and crafts at the Waikii Ranch on the upper slopes of Mauna Kea. Fantastic view - perfect for a relaxing day of lounging on a goza with a couple of icy cold Cokes and some yummy picnic okazu under sunny skies!