Anyone up for a game of barefoot kickball?
2k1 June 17 - 1:37 p.m.
Waikoloa is hot & muggy 'tho the occasional breeze seems to slightly lessen the heat's effect, slightly.

Life Lesson #2569: Snorkeling is not natural. A sport, yes, but not natural.

Snorkeling @ Anaeho'omalu Bay: all my enthusiasm was washed away during the time it took me to adjust the freakin' straps on the fins and mask all the while trying to stabilize myself against the waves. Uh yeah, I expended more energy putting the gear on correctly than I spent snorkeling. Snorkeling gear should be easy to use - it would make more people want to _be_ athletic if they could figure out how the hell to put the gear on. In fact, it should be Ron Popeil's next project: user-friendly sporting equipment. Hey, he made rotiserrie cooking idiot-proof - "Set it and forget it!"

Shelly & sports do not mix well - just as oil & water and, as previously stated, pig & elephant DNA. Especially if it involves complicated gear. Give me a red rubber ball and I'm in for a game of kickball anyday but if it's snorkeling, well, forget it.

Exactly when did song dedications become "shout-outs?"

Why is it that a pack of twin-blade disposable razors cost 70 more if it's pink instead of green?

I'm in a mood for some Chili Cheese Fries and a big plain hot dog.

Sayonara & a big bon voyage to Yamato who is embarking on an adventure in Japan tomorrow! Damn - too bad I can't tag along...