picnic @ Anaehoomalu bay this saturday!
2k1 June 27 - 9:38 am HST
Bright blue skies - glorious sunshine - billowy white clouds...just about 75F right now and it's probably going to get a bit hotter. Damn - I have to work today! *sniff sniff* *pity pity*

Work is getting pretty scary - three days left for us to make our sales quotas, two for me 'cause I've got the weekend off (woohoo!). Everyone's getting into shark-mode. Yep, I've got 'bout $3K left to make my pathetic goal for this month. That amounts to either one modest diamond sale or a dozen Hawaiian bracelets. I'm just about ready to throw the towel in 'cause hard-selling is not my style but I certainly don't want to let everyone else look better than me...nope, can't have that, can I?

In the meantime, I will fantasize about how wonderful my weekend will be - beach, movies, shopping and more beach! Anaehoomalu is one of the cleanest stretches of white sand I've ever been to, second to Mauna Kea beach, and it's a great place to just relax with family and see the occasional turtle pop up in the surf. It's located on the northwestern coast of the Big Island near Waikoloa, just about an hour south of Kawaihae harbor where they filmed "Waterworld." Hot and sunny Waikoloa - ah yes, saturday is going to be wonderful...

Feda and I are meeting for lunch, possibly a sushi date. Today weather is fitting for a Caterpillar roll and korean chicken wing picnic at Liliuokalani Park ... :)