Jeopardy-wannabe...that's me!
2k1 June 28 - 11:34 p.m.
Shopping at Safeway tonight was a Noah-like experience again - Buy one get one free - we had pairs of grocery items in the cart. Feda kept freakin' out - "you're getting two of that" or "jeez, how much ketchup do we actually need?" Sheesh - he should be thankful I didn't go for the "12 for $5" deals on canned veggies. I'm a sucker for those marketing traps! [mental note: take guerilla shopping class next friday]

Dinner tonight was hot dogs and wonderful pork & beans ala Feda. man knows how to make a meal! I let him take the piece of pork fat from the beans just to show him how much I love him. ^_^ Ah yes, it was tummy-lovin' indeed.

Woohoo - one day left of drugery before the weekend begins! Ai yah - gotta do some laundry before heading out to the beach - crappers!

It looks like I may not be making my sales quota for the month - I'm 'bout $2.5K away from my goal. I've actually made some sales but they're custom orders so I technically don't get credited for them until they're picked up - which could be in August! ack - it's going to be a race down to the wire.

How come those Jeopardy contestants don't get fancy with their names on those monitors? Man, if I made it to the show I'd get funky with that lightpen-thingie and draw something neat-O. Most contestants get so fancy as to add that little curlicue or a zigzag to their Ys or Ss. I'd color everything white and leave my name blue! Yeah Alex, try and read this!

Hmmm...nope, no new interesting tidbits to relay tonight. I hope to be able to gather more news tomorrow whilst I count down the hours 'til the weekend. Until my next entry: stay safe - don't forget to use 45 SPF - brush your teeth!


PS I got my Casper Woo t-shirt today - WOO-hoo! Glorious cotton - adorable cheeks - I'll proudly wear it all over the Big Isle!