Gods of confounded mondays, begone!
2k1 July 16 - 5:41 pm HST
Gods of confounded mondays, begone!

Cragity dangity hells bells! It's monday - atypical but not in the positive sense.

Idiot customers who perceive me to be psychic:
Me (answering the phone @ 9:15 when we're not even open yet): *good morning, XXX, how may I help you?"
Idiot Customer: ah yeah, who's this?
Me: This is Rochelle - how may I help you?
IC: Hi Michelle - I want some info on my father's order
Me: It's ROchelle. Who's your father?
IC: oh - Clem.
Me: *silence - waiting for her to finish her sentence* Clem who?

Suffice it to say that it put me into a slightly cranky mood. First customer of the day and it's an idiot!

agh - it's torture trying to type this out when it's sooooo damned muggy!

toodles - IOU a good story.