a sweet & tangy man
2k1 Sep 7 - 1:05 AM HST
I have this twisted desire to see Mr. Yoshida whenever I watch tv. It started when I first saw that "Mr. Yoshida on vegetables" commercial a few months back. He perches upon a pile of produce sportin' a basketball uniform and bright white knee socks. Wow - that man's got charisma!

The last day of my 9 day stretch is almost here...then I've got the weekend off! Woohoo - payday weekend!

I hope to see some movies this weekend w/Feda - especially since we'll be out on the leeward side of this island, where they have the decent cinemas.

I am in the mood for a good horror/thriller to entertain me.

Perhaps a viewing of "John Carpenter's The Thing" is called for also, or perhaps even "The Hitcher."

Aloha Friday is here!