Luke & Laura are no more? Yay for Haley & Mateo!
2k1 Sept 27 - 5:11 PM HST
The afternoon was spent constructing a baby blanket for an expecting co-worker, a task that I'd procrastinated about but turned out unexpectedly therapeutic. I listened to three hours of soap operas (Erica Kane experienced her umpteenth life-threatening car crash whilst crying and speeding off from a tiff with a possible beau) and toiled over this project. I'm about 75% done and look forward to learning more about the rustics from Pine Valley and Port Charles (I do NOT like that pseudo-evil Helena character - they need to write her off 'cause the storyline stinks like 2 week old fish) -new plot twist involving cryogenics and a once-dead killer/kidnapper now awake and out for revenge! Hmmm, now that I think about it perhaps the soap operas took my mind off of things.

A steaming pot of Spaghetti sits on the stove - mmm, dinner will be good too.

Live Aloha