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15 December 2k1 - 5:45pm HST
I sit here awkwardly typing this on the kitchen counter in our new home as Feda finishes yet another episode of "Horatio Hornblower." Ah yes, it feels good to have my own space.
We are picking up our Christmas tree tonight. I begged my mum to pick one up for me this morning since the only tree purveyor in town left with any trees received his shipment this morning and I had to start work at such an unhuman hour - SEVEN am! It will be interesting to find out what my mother's version of "nice but reasonably priced" is.
Feda and I decided in early October that our tree theme was going to be patriotic and we made garlands of red, white and blue ribbon stars to accentuate our patriotic-colored ornaments. I'd spied a few red, white and blue stars constructed of filigree metal discs that I'd wanted to purchase from Liberty House's Christmas store but at $9 a pop I'd only be able to rationalize a purchase of a pair - one for me and one for Feda. Egads - $20 can buy 100 yards of " metallic ribbon from which I could make 300 stars! Nixnay on the riceypay tarssay!
I'd hoped to be able to prod Feda into taking a semi-formalish Christmas picture that we could send to friends and family but he kept distracting me whenever I proposed the idea: "uh yeah, I really want to take a picture with that strange, old, hairy man dressed in red and white wool - yeah." Scrooge.
I've managed to doctor an old photo of myself and my dog Quincy using that wondrous piece of software called "Photoshop" and transformed it into a picture of me and Feda. Hey, I won't call myself a graphic artist but I think that I've done quite a good job dithering and making his neck blend into the collar. Darwin would flip if he took a gander at this Christmas pic!

Ho'omaika'i Leigh!
Leigh's education stint at Purdue University will end tomorrow morning. She will now be Leigh, MA Anthropology. Neat-O!
T minus 10 days until Christmas...or as I call it "my next day off." Happy Holidays!