3 dried squid, two coconuts and one mynah bird in one papaya treeeee.....
17 December 2k1 - 9:48 PM HST
Ah yes, Christmas is in the air. No parking in the lot at the Plaza = more walking for non-pedestrian Raevyn.

I am grateful that the economy is picking up but good grief, people lose their manners when they shop for more than 2 hours without a meal!

[PSA: If you're going shopping, be sure you have some sugary snacks -- unless you're under the age of 10]

Today, I did my darndest (a word? hmmm) to be pleasant and cheery to everyone I encountered during my shift - going as far as forcing myself to wish "Happy Holidays" to grumpy old men running off after telling them that no, I am not a jewel-ER (ask me the difference) and cannot fix their watch mechanisms -- and even a hearty "Good luck" to the Nth person looking for great deals (ie "cheap") on diamond rings for their wedding next week. --- ACK! Where are these people coming from 'cause I wanna reroute their bus! ---

Eight days and counting 'til my next day off!

Adjusting to independent living is going well, so far, considering the added stresses of the Holidays. I am working 9+ hour shifts and to top things off I often leave at the crack of dawn and return home after dark. Ideally I would get at least 6 hours of sleep each night but have found myself getting only 4-5 hours after remembering to do responsible things like washing dishes and making home lunch for myself. Egads - it's tough being an adult. I vividly remember waking up on school days at 7:40am and going through my morning routine in 15 minutes to get to school (a mile away) by 8am...then grumbling to my best friend Karen about how we'd have such a long day ahead of us -- school ended at 2:10pm and with afterschool Band practice, at 3:30pm -- the glory days of high school.

Wow - I digressed again. It must be a talent or something. Feda is putting up with my little mood swings and I am putting up with his. Morning people, we are not and these long days are not conducive to Holiday shopping. BUT we did manage to set up the Christmas tree and decorate it without killing each other, or the tree. Basically the setup was supervised by moi and Feda assisted. Our patriotic tree is sparkly and twinkling and RED, WHITE and BLUE! Now our current task is to find a proper topper.

On a sad yet oddly interesting note KHNL News reported tonight that Stuart Adamson, lead singer of Big Country was found saturday in a Honolulu Plaza Hotel room dead of an apparent hanging. This is the first news I've heard of the guy since swooning over him way back when...what year was it, 1984? I'd just been listening to "In a Big Country" after I found a comp CD that Feda had made for me a couple of years ago. The song brought back nice toasty memories of early MTV days and hey, I know most of the words to the song. I was musing a possible VH1 storyline about the group while driving to work at 6:30am yesterday....coincidence? I was into UK Bands bigtime back then and remember how my younger sister used to say that he and I matched 'cause we have "comma eyes."

RIP -- Stuart