Thick buttermilk biscuits free today!
2k2 January 1 - 8:37 PM HST
My holiday shift at work went by mercifully swift today. Oh yeah, time-and-a-half really makes it worth wasting a day at the empty mall. Don't even ask about customers unless you're referring to the other mall employees who were doomed to serve the non-existent public today. Ughmo - I could've spent the afternoon lounging in front of cable TV at my Mum's house munching on some fried chicken wings, makisushi and tri-color Kanten!

Feda is busy playing "papparazzi" chasing Chloe, our adopted Dwarf Netherland Rabbit, around the living room with the digicam. Sheesh, we've already taken about a hundred pictures of her in various scenes - eating, sleeping, grooming, sleeping under the coffee table, grooming on her cardboard castle...