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2k2 February 6 - 11:38 AM HST
I just spent a minute staring at the word 'February' to make sure that I spelled it correctly. For some odd reason, I had to flash back to my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Haraguchi, and ponder how she pronounced it. Weird.

It was wonderful to sleep in this morning until those damned heavy construction vehicles started up around 9am on the next street over. Doggone-it - they've been upheaving earth and drilling and whatnot for almost three straight hours! Don't they take an early morning donut/doughnut break?!?

I have 3 hours to go until I start work. I am looking forward to our scheduled appointment with the looney Mrs. Wong. She is a co-worker's client and a nut. No lie. She is convinced that her doctor is obsessed with her and takes coincidental run-ins at the market or the Plaza as signs from God of his love for her. Ohhkay. Mrs. Wong first told my co-worker about this obsession when she came in last month for a repair. She couldn't speak of the love affair in the open and had to lean over the glass cases to whisper it in conspiratorial tones. Ooooh - Mrs. Wong also told my co-worker that it's fate that the initial of her first name is the same as her doctor's first initial. Cuckoo! So anyway, we are interested in what Mrs. Wong is going to tell us this afternoon 'cause she was supposed to see her doctor for an appointment. Perhaps they secretly got married in the exam room.

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Poor Feda - I hope he gets to eat lunch today.