Drive safely, you idiots!
2k2 February 22 - 11:40 PM HST
I love fridays that are paydays. Especially said fridays that lead to a weekend off!

Feda and I spent a couple of hours DVD shopping tonight. My resolution to bring home lunch to work is surely paying off. Why, in the last week I saved enough to buy two DVDs! Shoot, leftovers and PB&J sandwiches don't seem that bad when I rationalize it that way. ^_^ I should be banking that saved cash for bill paying and my IRA but man, I am a consumer. Wow, I can only imagine how I'd scrape by if I were a clothes-horse or shoe-fiend. Egads - flashbacks to Demi Moore in St. Elmo's Fire !

We ended up getting Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Witness and The Siege [the Denzel film, not Steven Seagal one.] A comedic drama, a dramatic thriller and a thrilling action drama. Such diversity! I tried hard to get myself to buy some romantic dramas, per Feda's request, but damn, those "man movies" are loud and hard to ignore!

Later, Feda and I munched on Char Siu noodles from Yichiba Noodle House for dinner. They've got wonderful noodle dishes and a kick-ass plate lunch line. PLUS, the family that owns the Noodle-ry works the counter and kitchen - everything is made when you order it. Yum!

Our 20 minute drive back to Paradise Park ended up a 1+hour event.

Apparently, there was a fatal collision on the Keaau-Pahoa highway around 6:40pm, possibly near Shower Drive, and traffic was backed up all the way to Keaau High School. We sat in traffic and inched along while listening to music to pass the time.

The only confirmation that the delay was due to an accident came 45 minutes later as two large tow truck rigs passed by carrying vehicles that previously were pick-up trucks. The late news tonight reported the fatality but didn't say exactly where it occured on the highway.

Tomorrow we'll pick up Feda's Wega and he'll be able to watch 27" images all day long. At least until we go to JoAnn & Joe's party. Good Hawaiian food, good friends & Bruddah Waltah will be playing a set - kanikapila!