no more Centipede dreams!
2k4 July 29 - 11:46 PM HST
Sparkless Day #5

I spent the better part of the day driving around to run errands, get lunch and buy groceries. Thankfully, I was a passenger in a vehicle equipped with working air conditioning. It was so damned hot here that after a short 3 mile drive I delivered a cup full of cream for my sister instead of two scoops of Kona Coffee ice cream.

I just watched part of a re-run of Oprah and she was shopping like a nut at Costco!

Feda is almost finished with his Open Source Seminar. Tomorrow is his last day! He then gets to spend a week with his brother, Veda, in Los Angeles. I am slightly green with envy again. He will be within driving distance of Disneyland!

I spent a bit of time tonight changing the CDs in my little CD carry case-thingie now that I've grown tired of listening to Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, Kiroro and No Doubt. I've filled it with some CDs from HIGH SCHOOL, some that I haven't played in years. It's somewhat alarming to know that the majority of my music collection is only played on "oldies" radio stations - hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Creepy thing: I was watching the Trask boardroom scene from Working Girl when I spied a centipede crawling across the carpet towards me. It was totally out of the corner of my eye and had I been really paying attention to the movie I wouldn't have seen it until I possibly could've stepped on it. UGH. Still creeps me out even though I know he's met his doom and been thoroughly flushed out of this house.