Time will reveal
2k4 August 3 - 11:15 PM HST
Sparkless Day #10:

I saw The Village tonight with a few friends. Initially I was apprehensive about seeing a suspense/horror film when I'd be returning to a dark, empty house here in the dark, rainy forest. I've seen Signs several times but I still keep an eye out for visiting aliens strolling on the lanai - creepy! Anyway, I'm happy I saw the movie because it was lovely entertainment!

I am in a bit of an ethical bind at work. It has been brought to my attention that a co-worker misrepresented the company by inflating his qualifications and making false statements. The situation was that two customers decided to purchase jewelry after being informed that the worker holds a certification/degree that would make a company document more official.

This is actually not the first time that something like this has happened but the first time that a customer has independently given a statement of this lie. I've seen the worker give appraisals on items that weren't sold by our company to close family friends which is a serious violation of company policy. These friends are also told that he is certified to write these appraisals. He has not gone as far as printing them on official letterhead but oftentimes the information is written on official business cards.

It's such a tricky situation without any written proof that it would be difficult to pin it on him. I am tentatively planning to write a letter to the COO/CEO in the hopes that it'll result in an official memo that can be circulated throughout the company at least as a reiteration of offical policy. I'm certain that a direct confrontation with this co-worker won't bring about any admission of guilt nor will it yield anything constructive because this co-worker doesn't take direction from younger people seriously. Damn these lying liars and the lies they tell!

Something for (sadly) several friends, far and near:

You know that she is just a heartbreak in disguise
You know that falliní for the girl is not so wise
But every time your mind wants you to stay away
Your heart just looks the other way

Oh...oh...sheís all that you want now
Oh...oh...sheís nothiní you need
No...oh...but there you go
Blame it all on love, you know you should know better

But the heart is not so smart
Canít always trust it, no
The heart is not so smart
Goes where it should not go

Always seems to find
Its way to trouble, no
The heart is not so smart
Oh, no, oh, no

The heartís been broken, itís been bruised and itís been burned
So after that you think a lesson might be learned
But it keeps falling for the same lines every time
Sometimes the heart can be so blind

Oh...oh...and when you discover
Oh...oh...sheís telliní you lies
Oh...oh...well, donít you know
That the heart is always last to realize

better that the heart is not your guide...

-- "Heart is not so smart," El DeBarge