Dog the Christmas Gift Hunter
2k4 November 5 - 9:00 PM HST
The weekend's here....the weekend's here!

Kynan and I commenced our weekend relaxation celebration with a trip to Subway for dinner. Now it's time for me to watch a couple of movies and just veg for a few hours. *smirk*

After work Kynan and I rambled around the mall for a while. On our way out of the Hello Kitty store I saw a familiar face walking towards our direction. Initially I thought it was a customer I'd previously helped then I realized it was Leland Chapman. Unbeknownst to the shoppers of our wee village, Leland Chapman of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Da Kine Bail Bonds was hunting down a fugitive! Actually, he was walking towards the management offices so quite possibly he was looking into opening up in one of the empty spaces for the Holidays.