no soggy bits today!
2k4 November 23 - 10:50 PM HST
No Leland Chapman sightings to report in the past week. dagnabbit, this laptop keyboard sucks rocks.

The winter storm that was forecast to hit our island today never arrived. We were advised by television meteorologists (aka people who read the weather advisories from NOAA) to take caution whilst driving on our island roads because of the probable threat of flash flooding. WTF? It was hotter than mid-August today - 84 F! This morning I had to drive around town to run errands and I got sunburn.

The summer weather was fortuitous for me since I made my annual batch of Party Mix this afternoon. If we'd had the usual Hilo humidity the cereal would've gone from crispy and crunchy to soggy bits in minutes.

So, tomorrow's forecast calls for Thunderstorms and heavy showers. Kynan and I are driving up to Volcano to get some pictures taken for our Christmas card. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park will have to do since we can't take our photocard in Paris. I'm torn between dressing for a typhoon or a day at the beach...